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In the modern world of increasingly sophisticated websites, web design should be anything but commonplace. Websites need to compete, inform, educate and inspire. If designed properly, a great web design will help increase brand awareness and customer loyalty. That means repeat business and a better bottom line.

Building a compelling web presence

A well designed website will be aligned with your business and marketing plans to create a coherent web strategy. A great website can act as an anchor for all of your business activities and reinforce your brand as well as sales and marketing initiatives. Customers can use your website to buy products and services, download brochures or conduct research. Effective websites can create synergies between sales, marketing, purchasing and other areas of your business. It can also spark conversations on social media sites and capture igniting attention that goes beyond any other traditional form of marketing.

Striking the perfect balance between functioning technology and communication

In our focused approach, we develop websites that maximize the user experience while displaying alluring form and functionality. We provide seamless and fully integrated web design and technology solutions to meet your web marketing needs. The interactive nature of a website dictates the need for balance between form (design elements, branding & messages) and function (web architecture, site functionality, navigation, content management and responsive platforms).

Forward-thinking companies understand the importance of integrating form and function to maximize the user experience, and to strike the perfect balance between communicating a brand, delivering a message and creating an environment that supports the needs of new and repeat visitors. Integra Design Studio Inc. seamlessly integrates design and technology. A well-balanced approach will bring branding and web architecture together, creating a positive user experience.

The Driver’s Seat

Our designers, experienced in the integration of form and function, put the user first, by creating intuitive interfaces, navigational ease, universal access and simple menu instructions. By designing with the user in mind, we speak their language and organize relevant information, ensuring a successful virtual transaction between company and client. A logical, visually attractive and functionally effective website can entice, inform and motivate.

By empowering the user, building familiarity and allowing them to feel in control of their environment, you leave a lasting impression that can increase traffic through referrals and repeat visits. Integra Design Studi Inc. customizes solutions to fit your unique image and business needs. We will lead you through all planning to complete execution stages of your online business strategy, design & development. 

A big picture plan is vital for the success of any website development.

Here is an overview of our proven development process.

1. Discovery

• Discuss with the customer about their website objectives
• Create a general site map, break down time involved, and make suggestions
• Define budgets and costs
• Establish schedule
• Gather all relevant information

2. Solution

• Refine and create a solid site map to use as an outline for the Web Site
• Design web architecture and navigation systems
• Research, strategize and conceptualize

3. Design

• Design the look and feel of the Web Site
• Present the design to the client for comments
• After the client’s feedback, make the appropriate revisions
• Refine and develop details
• Once the template designs are approved we move to programing and development

4. Build

• Develop the rest of the site
• Program and implement the rest of infrastructure, content and linking
• Test the completed Web Site for layout, usability, and functionality
• Upload the completed Web Site on a test server and present to the client
• Make the necessary final adjustments and refinements

5. Support

Follow up to assess productivity of the Web Site, look for new opportunities of improvement, and for any additional help or questions the customer might have. In the case of a Content management system – there may be additional training required as the client begins to upload content.


Take Charge of your own site with a Content Management System (CMS)

The fast-paced and ever-changing world of new media – websites, blogs, RSS technology, forums and computer programming – can be intimidating for those who are not technically savvy. That’s where Content Management Systems (CMS) come into play.

For Small – Mid Sized Business…

Gone are the days when you had to work around the schedule of an off-site webmaster, or wait days, sometimes weeks, for rush changes and typo corrections. You can now collect, organize, distribute, manage and publish your own company information. With (CMS), you control your online presence at your own pace. Your (CMS) is the key to simplifying the process of updating website content and taking charge of your web presence. It provides a user-friendly interface that does not require knowledge of computer programming. A (CMS) affords you greater control and timely access.

With a suitable (CMS), your company will benefit from cutting edge web functionality, quicker response time, increased productivity, greater accuracy, more efficient communication, lower maintenance costs, higher partner and customer satisfaction and independent control.

For Larger Organizations…
Consider a (CMS) for your Intranet need as well as your website needs. Some built in features included in our top of the line Content Management System include:

• Template Builder Options
• Word-like Editor
• Clean Paste from Microsoft Word Capability
• Image Editor
• Content Sharing
• File Manager
• Multilingual Support
• Scheduled Publishing
• Dynamic Sitemap Navigation
• Search Capability
• Document Management
• True Inline Editing Capability

• Drag and drop usability
• Digital asset management
• Accessibility
• Mobile friendly or Responsive Web Design
• SEO Friendly Development
• Granular Permissions
• Dynamic User & Administration Management
• Forms Builder
• News & Event Management
• Video Support
• List Management
• Content Rollback & History Features

Our website design and development services include:

• Custom graphic design
• User oriented navigation planning
• Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
• Content Management System (CMS)
• Google Analytics install and traffic tracking
• Internet Marketing
• Pay per click campaigns
• Youtube integration
• E-commerce/Shopping cart solutions

• Social Media Management
• Custom web applications
• SEO optimized web copywriting
• Hosting Solutions
• Domain Registration
• Website Photography
• Online video Production
• Custom Web design