About Integra Designs Inc.

Your success is truly our success!

Integra Design Studio Inc. has grown from a small studio to a firm that still values that close knit culture and building relationships. Since our founding in 2003, we have created design that enriches purchasing experiences and assists businesses & organizations succeed in their goals. Each of us has a unique background and skill set that lets us cater to specific parts of a comprehensive on-line and off-line marketing strategy.

We specialize in partnering with our clients and collaborating as a team to come up with customized solutions for each of our clients. Integra Design Studio Inc. has a mission to deliver fully integrated marketing solutions and exceptional design execution for our clients through the creative blending of business objective, communication psychology, value creation, process, measurement, analysis and art. Our design team creates solutions from a collaborative process that includes our clients and our communication experts – to research cost effective alternatives, share knowledge and obtain the best value for marketing dollars spent.

In fact our mission is where our name came from, Integrated Graphic Solutions with Integrity.

Our creative solutions are led by Kimberley Beggs R.G.D. – Creative Director. The team at Integra Design Studio Inc. are a dedicated and professional team of designers, web developers and marketers with diverse backgrounds.

We all have a few things in common: we each believe in the power of clear communication and top quality design. To join our team we seek individuals who are passionate about providing our clients with design that creates a memorable and lasting connection with their targeted audience.

Creative Director

Kimberley Beggs R.G.D. is the Creative Director at Integra Design Studio Inc. She is an honours College graduate of the SDVA program, and an active member of the local business…

Online Strategy

Marc has been in a project management position for over 20 years in various capacities. He has had experience in managing projects for Thistle Industries Inc., the Royal Victoria Hospital,…


Chad has over 15 years of experience in website development with a specialty in CMS programming. Chad has expert level experience in working with the following development languages: ASP.NET, Ajax,…

Studio Manager

Beth has been with Integra design now for 3 years and brings a motivating management style to our office. Her calm approach and pleasant grace coupled with strong organizational skills…