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Leverage your online marketing efforts to connect instantly, attract and communicate effectively with highly targeted audiences. We can help build your SEO, SEM and Social Media strategies. In the past many companies have relied upon print marketing and other mediums such as radio and advertisements to drive traffic to their website using their URL or web address. In today’s increasingly competitive economic landscape, it is very important that companies start with a solid website foundation. Integra Design specializes in content management systems which provides average users the ability to quickly update page content on their own. This enables organizations to keep their website content current and the ability to easily integrate a complete marketing strategy by adding video, blog posts, social media integration and targeted event or campaign pages. This is all extremely important for SEO, SEM & SMM. From there we recommend optimizing your on page efforts. We can guide you through what would be optimal meta data, descriptions, keywords and alt tags, which will improve your search engine rankings dramatically.

What is SEO?

Search Engine optimization is about the activities that need to be completed on your site to improve your natural or “organic” search engine results. This is done through content editing, ongoing maintenance and proper HTML coding to relevant keywords. The higher a site is ranked in the search results, the more visitors it will receive. Generally visitors searching for something don’t go beyond the first page of results thus why everyone wants to be there. The goal is to drive qualified traffic to your website.

Organic results – Are the results that you see on the left side of Google search result listings. These results cannot be bought. This is were SEO comes into play, in efforts to get your website to rank highly in this results area. This is the area where most search attention is focused.

What is SEM?

Search Engine Marketing is about the activities that need to be performed off your site to improve your website traffic and brand recognition. SEM or Search Engine Marketing includes techniques such as buying keyword search terms through Google Ad Words or Yahoo Paid Search programs. Sometimes it is faster and just plain easier to pay for your placement.

Paid placement is an excellent advertising tool that will put you in front of your target audience when they are ready to buy. Search Engine Marketing now also includes such techniques as Banner Advertising, blog development and social media marketing. (SMM) Paid results – Are on the right hand side of the page. These results are determined by an auction style bidding process. This is the area referred to as Pay-per-click.

Why is it so important to optimize your site?

It will come as no surprise that most of the hits happen on the first page of the organic results. 56% of all hits are on the first organic listing. The hits greatly tapper off after the first five listings, and become quite minimal on the subsequent pages. This is why SEO is so important.

Having a listing in the first five organic results is like free advertising. It gives your site literally the potential to be viewed by thousands of visitors which ultimately translates directly into sales.