Branding design, logo development and standards guides

Branding Strategy

Delivering on a promise

Whether you are starting a new business, revitalizing and existing brand or launching a product we can build an effective brand identity that communicates the vision, mission and culture that is behind the company and its product to the market.

Great design starts by understanding your problems, we begin by asking questions. We work to understand your brand, goals, audience, project parameters and desired outcomes. We research your intended audiences, and related sites. We define the design problems and discover strategies for solving those problems effectively and memorably.

Your brand is what makes your company different from other businesses, it can persuade a customer to choose you over someone else. Quite simply, a great brand is a story about your business and it tells the world who you are consistently and compellingly.

Strive for Unforgettable

Your brand could be your most valuable asset, if you plan it that way. In financial terms, your brand or visual identity system could actually be worth something that other companies would be willing to pay for, license or rent.

A strong brand is beyond recognizable – it is memorable. If a brand is designed extremely well, it can be unforgettable. At Integra Design Studio Inc, we believe that the design & development process is a collaboration that fuses our creative strengths and technology expertise.

Along with our client’s in depth understanding, we produce communications that sing and function beautifully.


Capture Hearts & Minds

Integra Design Studio Inc. strives to build unforgettable brands that illuminate and influence and inspire culture within. Great design is deliberate, and is aligned with all other brand advertising and web marketing strategies. We have the brand-building expertise, knowledge and the resources to help your company consistently capture people’s hearts and minds.

Our Brand Solutions Include:
• Brand Strategy
• Supporting Brand Imagery Creation
• Identity Design
• Brand Standards Guides

Leverage your business on the strength of your brand

Your brand can be one of your most valuable assets. Protecting your organization’s perception and enhancing its brand through all aspects of your yearly marketing initiatives. Strong brands raise consumer loyalty (repeat purchasing) and also give a product an advantage in terms of pricing. In short it is an intangible asset in the production of both stable and future growth. Ultimately resulting in higher returns & perceived product value.

The business trend is towards restructuring of conventional marketing systems to the point of view of “Brand Awareness” among consumer groups and the society in which the business lives. Therefore, when your organization decides to create a brand and brand awareness, you are attempting to redesign your organization and operational systems, through construction of a marketing mix concerning products, distribution channels, pricing and communication.

Once market place positioning has been established a clear business goal has been formed. The next step is to develop the foundation of your brand.

Our creative team will work with you to design a look-and-feel that can leverage your business from competition on the strength of your brand identity. Support your overall mission, vision and principles.

Integra Designs Inc. will assist you in creating and maintaining a solid brand and a supporting identity that attracts positive market attention, and improves your bottom line. Integra Designs Inc. has integrated design solutions that can help manage your brand identity across all mediums; corporate materials, website design, direct mail, on-line advertising, tradeshows, signage, printing and more.


Our mission is to offer our clients memorable design, great value and sustained growth and success through building a solid brand identity.