RGD Ontario Accredited

R.G.D. Ontario Accredited

The RGD (Registered Graphic Designer) designation is the guarantee of quality and competence to the design profession, the public and the government.

Kimberley Beggs R.G.D. holds this high accreditation. As the Creative Director at Integra Design Studio Inc. Kimberley leads and manages all design projects produced by Integra Designs Inc..

In a world of increasing competition, graphic and web design professionals need to be able to set themselves apart. The RGD designation signifies that we provide effective design solutions to further your goals and objectives, and ensures our clients’ that Integra Designs Inc. will perform to a high ethical and professional standard, as certified by our Association.

There are three main sections to the written examination process in becoming accredited:

Design History and Research
Business and Design Principles
Technology Rules of Professional Conduct

Once the written examination is passed the all applicants are required to undergo a portfolio interview. Portfolio Interview candidates are interviewed by three RGD reviewers. Candidates bring in and present a creative portfolio.

The portfolio must demonstrate a range and quality of achievement in one or more of the following professional areas:

Design Practice
Design Education
Design Management

The individual is assessed on their ability to articulate their role in the projects presented, and the processes used to establish goals and to arrive at the final product, demonstrating the application of design principles and abilities.

An RGD has demonstrated professional competence in areas of business, design principles, research, theory and ethics.

An R.G.D also demonstrated the successful application of this knowledge to design problems, business management, copyright regulations and/or education. An RGD is prepared and capable to function as an effective ethical, professional, responsible practitioner, manager and/or educator.

Benefits Of Hiring Integra Design Studio Inc. (R.G.D)

Business owners and marketing professionals can be assured that the R.G.D they hire has met the rigorous standards necessary to practice as a accredited graphic designer. We believe in professional accountability but recognize that Return on Investment (ROI) is measured in many ways. Take advantage of all that an RGD professional provides.

R.G.D.s are kept up to date on professional development and other issues through communication with their professional Association.

R.G.D.s are governed by rules of conduct- offering greater certainty of fair and ethical practice in business dealings with clients, industry, and fellow practitioners.